Electroluminescent Parallel Panels

Electroluminescent Parallel Panels are made of a mul-layer material containing fluorescent dyes, dispersed in a binder with a high electrical constant. When an alternang current (AC) is applied, the EL Panel (sheet) emits light.

EL panel is the big sister to EL wire – it has the same glow effect but with a flat shape instead of a round shape. This is a big sheet of flexible plasc coated with EL material so its like one big glowing square. It emits an even glow over the enre shape. The glowing part of the panel is 10 cm x 10 cm.There’s a plasc coang is about 10.4cm x 10.4cm. Its covered in what seems to be PVC, the tape is thus weather-proof – but note that the connectors are NOT waterproof, just a bit of heats hrink. This isn’t something we would suggest leaving outdoors for extended periods.

You can aach it by sewing through the clear plasc edging, or gluing the back to a flat surface. It is flexible but will crease and damage if folded. You can cut the panel up as long as the shape you cut out is connuous and has the JST cable aached.

This panel is a slightly blue-nted white color when lit and appears pink when off.

Like all EL products, an inverter is REQUIRED to operate the panel Because EL tapehas more surface area than wire, it requires a more powerful inverter. We suggest you use our 4xAAA inverter which is strong enough to power a single panel at once – plug it in and turn it on! For more permanent installaons, the 12V EL inverter can also power a single panel and run off 8xAA baeries or a wall adapter.

Please note! EL tape, EL wire and EL panel are made with different processes
and so the color and brightness will not be consistent between the two:
white tape, white wire and white panels will not necessarily match!

as standard format: A1 | A2 | A3 | A4
as special format: any size (within above standard size)
custom size: special size as per require
custom shape: custom shape as per require 

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