Neon Hero Heart – Warm White

  • Color Temperature:              Warm White
  • Power:                                 10W
  • Dimmable:                           Yes
  • Driver:                                 Included
  • Aluminum Base:                   Included
  • Installation:                          Magent
  • Material:                               Laminated Wood Frame
  • Weight:                                 0.5KGS
  • Dimensions:                          275mm*310mm(W*H)
  • Warranty:                             one year

Neon Hero Heart – Warm White

This beautifully crafted LED neon heart is dedicated to our healthcare heroes who have worked tirelessly throughout the pandemic. We’ve designed the heart so that you can give it to a healthcare hero or place it in your front window to spread the love to anyone passing by on your street.  Every heart comes with a baseplate and a screw for securely attaching it to the baseplate.  The baseplate provides a sturdy base to place on a window sill. The frame is routered out of 3/4″ laminated hardwood, hand sanded, and assembled by SPAL.  Each heart is unique and variations should be expected and treasured as a unique element.

Purchase one today and show some love for the heroes!

Only drawing 10 watts of power

($0.77 a month running @ 24 hours/day) allows for constant-on use.

Dimensions are  tall 275mm X 310mm wide.


What’s In The Box

  • 1 X LED Neon Heart Mounted in Laminated Wood Frame
  • 1 X Steel Base Powder Coated White
  • 1 X LED Driver
  • 1 X LED Controller
Connection Diagram


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